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Version: 7.9.2
Author: ThemeFusion

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Download the Avada Theme GPL version If you are looking for a clean and beautiful-looking theme, then you have found the perfect theme. You can choose between the GPL and the premium version. The GPL version is the cheapest or sometimes it’s free of charge. The premium version is an extra cost. You can download the AVADA Theme GPL version for a small fee. This Avada theme GPL version is free but we take some fees for support and file keeping up to date. You will receive regular updates when the original theme is updated.

Avada 7.8 Changelog

NEW: Added dark mode to the full UI of Avada Live Builder
NEW: Added a page structure Navigator to Avada Live Builder for easy navigation through all content
NEW: Typography sets using global sets will now display the set name on hover in Avada Live Builder
NEW: Added a preference to have option sub-groups collapsible for easier option management in Avada Live Builder
NEW: Added an option to set your preferred builder interface (back-end/front-end) for auto-loading
NEW: Added Instagram element
NEW: Added WooCommerce Mini Cart element
NEW: Added WooCommerce Filters element
NEW: Added background mask and pattern options to the Container element
NEW: Added sticky columns setup including responsive choices and offset
NEW: Added transform options to Column element for awesome default and hover effects
NEW: Added new mobile mode and sticky options to Tabs element and lots of new styling options
NEW: Added support for Adobe Fonts (Typekit)
NEW: Added support for filters in Post Cards element including lots of styling options
NEW: Added masonry layout and isotope support to Post Cards and Post Card Archives element
NEW: Added load more functionality and load more button styling options to the Gallery element
NEW: Added sorting options to the Gallery element
NEW: Added margin options to all suitable elements that did not have them already
NEW: Added form input validation pattern options to Text, Email, Phone, and Password elements
NEW: Added options to set a custom invalid form field input notice to Avada Form elements
NEW: Added z-index options to Column and Image elements
NEW: Added option to choose if 100% width template should be the default page template
NEW: Added option to choose the user type for which post views should be counted
NEW: Improved the close options tab for Off-Canvas and added an option to automatically close after a set time
NEW: Added alignment, margin, and dynamic data options to Before & After Image element
NEW: Added dynamic data options to the Image Hotspot element
PERFORMANCE: Added an option to automatically clear WP’s object cache on post save and delete
PERFORMANCE: Added an option to automatically remove empty element parameters from the post content output
PERFORMANCE: Portfolio- and FAQ-specific CSS will now be skipped when the CPTs are disabled even if the CSS compiler is off
PERFORMANCE: Removed code specific to older versions of Edge browser from Container and Column elements
SEO: Added new heading tag selection options to Tab, Toggles, and FAQ elements
SEO: Added new heading tag selection any typography options to Flip Boxes, Social Sharing, Blog, and Recent Posts elements
SEO: Added structured data options to YouTube and Vimeo elements
SEO: Added div to the tag selection of Avada Slider Heading and Caption options
IMPROVEMENT: Required plugin auto-update note will now be automatically triggered after the Avada update
IMPROVEMENT: Fixed flickering of Avada Live Builder UI when using CSS filter options
IMPROVEMENT: Slider visibility Page Option now also working correctly on setups using page cache
IMPROVEMENT: New styling for pagination of Avada’s admin page screens
IMPROVEMENT: Added Avada Forms data to the JS to submit an event for easier data handling
IMPROVEMENT: Added prevention of loading loop when global elements reference themselves in element content
IMPROVEMENT: Changed Button element and Tab element tabs to use inline-flex to vertically center icons and text
IMPROVEMENT: Added Post Card edit button to Post Card Archives element
IMPROVEMENT: Minimum spacing of 0 is now possible in the Post Cards element
IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
UPDATED: Compatibility with The Events Calendar 6.0 Beta 3
UPDATED: modernizr JS script to version 3.12
ACCESSIBILITY: Added aria-labelled by attributes to Toggle and FAQ content wrappers
ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed aria-expanded attribute being incorrect in Faq element
ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed the landmark for legacy page title bars
ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed the landmark for the to-top button
ACCESSIBILITY: Changed custom header and footer wrappers to use generic divs, to allow Container element tag selection to create a landmark
COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Filter Addons plugin filters being reset when products get sorted
COMPATIBILITY: Fixed YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin not working with layout builder
COMPATIBILITY: Fixed Custom Template for LearnDash plugin not working with layout builder
COMPATIBILITY: Fixed the latest version of the WooCommerce Paypal plugin causing a fatal error when using the layout builder
COMPATIBILITY: Fixed PolyLang not copying correct terms for layout sections when creating copy for secondary language
FIXED: JS compiler creating cached JS for each page instead of only pages with different JS components
FIXED: Container width being wrong interior width is set to site width in a post using a content layout section with container interior width set to 100% width
FIXED: Custom icons not being applied in Toggles and FAQ elements
FIXED: iFrame lazy loading option causing video responsiveness to break
FIXED: iFrame lazy loading breaking Google Maps iFrames
FIXED: Product in cart icon incorrectly positioned if a rollover is disabled
FIXED: Site width incorrectly changing when using boxed mode and header is disabled
FIXED: ACF fields added to author profiles are not being correctly pulled when using dynamic data in layout sections for author archives
FIXED: Countdown element being hidden when set to be removed after expiration if the countdown is manually set but still active
FIXED: Image element captions not being hidden when element visibility is removed when using above/below settings
FIXED: Shortcode generator button missing from TinyMCE in text mode in WordPress 6.0
FIXED: Button styling issue in Performance Wizard
FIXED: Font-family change not being correctly saved when running the Performance Wizard
FIXED: WooCommerce Featured Products Slider and WooCommerce Product Carousel not showing sale and out-of-stock badges correctly
FIXED: Author name is displayed instead of post title in Post Cards element on the author archive page
FIXED: Section Separator default CSS overriding element CSS when using critical CSS
FIXED: Old image placeholder markup causing width overflow in some cases
FIXED: Lightbox not working for posts loaded through infinite scroll in Post Cards element
FIXED: Lightbox in Image Carousel not working when using dynamic data set to Woo Gallery
FIXED: The tooltip element has lower z-index than its animated Container parent, hiding the tooltip
FIXED: Scroll section not always working when a direct link to a specific section is used
FIXED: Videos not stopping when Modal element is closed if video facade option is used
FIXED: Default columns not using the default column spacing option when editing library containers
FIXED: Vertical Menu widget not opening sub-menu when current page is part of it when using custom menu mode
FIXED: Self-hosted videos not stopping when Off-Canvas is closed
FIXED: Combine third-party CSS files option, when enabled, breaking The Events Calendar Pro V2 views
FIXED: Font size CSS for headings missing from Off-Canvas
FIXED: Line breaks in Textblock elements being removed in Off-Canvas
FIXED: Scroll option still being applied in Off-Canvas, even if the overlay is turned off
FIXED: End date of The Events Calendar events not being considered for multi-day events when only showing upcoming events in the Post Cards element
FIXED: WooCommerce Archive Number of Product Columns option not correctly working in RTL languages
FIXED: Border-radius of 0px not working in the Icon element
FIXED: Default database submission action in Avada Forms not working, unless explicitly set
FIXED: Avada Forms saving of POST form submission method not working correctly
FIXED: Avada Forms POST to URL (non-ajax) not being available
FIXED: Avada Forms not allowing for empty submission action
FIXED: Single field placeholders not encoding HTML entities in Avada Forms email notifications
FIXED: Checklist values are not always being correctly displayed in Avada Forms email notifications
FIXED: Zero as value not working in Avada Forms
FIXED: Private forms not being shown in the Avada Forms list
FIXED: Avada Forms upload fields are not being sent as links in notification emails
FIXED: Avada Forms upload field links being displayed as raw HTML in the back-end
FIXED: Custom Global Typography sets are not being applied correctly when set on element base
FIXED: Set scroller not working correctly in Page Options icon picker option
FIXED: Tags post meta not being rendered for WooCommerce products in Archive element
FIXED: Images being double lazy-loaded in the Image element
FIXED: Point size option being set to 0 not working in the Chart element
FIXED: WooCommerce Quickview not working correctly, when enabled in the Post Card Cart element but disabled in Global Options
FIXED: Image element caption Dario not smoothly resizing on browser resize
FIXED: PHP notice in helpers.php
FIXED: PHP notice in Button element, when using deprecated shape param
FIXED: PHP notice in Post Card element when using invalid post type
FIXED: Fatal error happening in a few cases when connecting to HubSpot
FIXED: Avada Builder buttons being available on edit screens where the content editor is turned off
FIXED: Sidebars are not correctly shown when using preview mode in Avada Live Builder and editing a content layout section
FIXED: Avada Forms Mailchimp script causing a JS error in Avada Live Builder in some cases
FIXED: Filtering of Page Options not working correctly in Avada Live Builder
FIXED: Removing a nested column not being recorded as a historic step in Avada Live Builder
FIXED: Clear Layout button not working correctly when inserting element and container library items in Avada Live Builder
FIXED: Rotation animation class being added to title element even if the highlight is chosen in Avada Live Builder
FIXED: Off-Canvass close button interfering with the Avada Live Builder UI
FIXED: Box-shadow is not always being correctly displayed in Avada Live Builder
FIXED: JS error when moving a Column element into an empty Container element

Avada Theme GPL is Here

Avada Theme GPL flexible Advanced Options Network is brought to life with the Avada Drag & Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder, and Footer Builder. Altogether, the Avada GPL Theme Website Builder is the ultimate web design toolkit for your workflow. Work fast and efficiently, knowing that you can design and create unlimited designs and layouts for your website projects.

Some Avada Theme GPL Features:

  • Intuitive visual front-end design and editing tools for you to create beautiful websites, fast.
  • Is Always compatible with the latest WordPress versions
  • Always compatible with the latest versions of 3rd party integrated plugins
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • 100% SEO Optimized and perfectly compatible with Plugins like Yoast SEO
  • Adherence to strict WordPress and PHP coding standards
  • Performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality websites
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • 100% Responsive

Avada Theme GPL V/S Avada Theme Nulled

Avada Theme Nulled Version: GPLHOME does not recommend using Avada Theme Nulled files on your websites. The nulled file means it’s modified by someone who remodified an available GPL file, and most of the time, nulled files come with malicious codes and viruses.

Avada Theme GPL Version: When developers launch new versions of the Avada Theme &  plugin, they also found an Avada Theme GPL version of the same file. These files are only for testing any loopholes in the launched version and correcting them. Avada GPL file is better than nulled files; it’s the exact version of the available licensed version.

How to Download Free Avada Theme?

GplHome has shared Avada Theme Free Download to Members. we have shared a direct download link. to the entire Avada theme Product page directly Show Buy Now as A Download, We Our Developer Team Always Support Our Members Who Join Our Membership. we have uploaded every new update launch.

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What's included?


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