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AutomateWoo vs ShopMagic Plugins Comparison

WooCommerce Marketing automation plugins compared

Marketing automation can increase revenue, win customer loyalty, and save time. This essay aims to compare AutomateWoo to ShopMagic Plugins, so without further ado, let’s get into further detail on this subject.

WooCommerce AutomateWoo Overview

A marketing automation plugin called AutomateWoo is directly compatible with your WooCommerce store. AutomateWoo streamlines the management of your store while saving you time and effort via automated marketing campaigns and a special collection of tools!

You may expand your store and increase your revenue with the help of AutomateWoo’s solutions. Utilize marketing that handles your labor-intensive work to convert and keep customers. Sending lovely follow-up emails will automate and improve client communication.

AutomateWoo Features

Follow-Up Emails. Automatically email clients who purchase particular goods to solicit feedback or recommend related goods.

Remind clients who abandoned their carts by sending them emails at predetermined intervals.

Reactivate Inactive Consumers. Email marketing campaigns to reach inactive customers. Include promotions and suggestions.

SMS Notifications. For any of AutomateWoo’s numerous triggers, send SMS notifications to users or administrators.

Discounts are given as review rewards to entice further product evaluations. Limit the discount based on the total number of reviews and the overall rating.

Wishlist Marketing. Notify customers when a desired product is on sale and send timed wishlist reminder emails. Integrates with YITH Wishlists or WooCommerce Wishlists.

Birthday Emails. Use the AutomateWoo Birthdays Add-on to delight customers with a unique WooCommerce birthday email and coupon (separate purchase).

Card Expiry Notifications. Inform clients when a saved credit or debit card is about to expire. When selling subscriptions, this can lower churn and declined payments.
Coupons that are specifically tailored to each customer can increase purchase rates.

Action for Subscription Automation in WooCommerce occurrences related to subscriptions, including reminders for renewal, unsuccessful payments, and status changes.

Refer a Friend. The AutomateWoo Refer a Friend Add-on will help you increase word-of-mouth sales (separate purchase).

Automatic VIP. Reward your top clients with VIP status based on various spend thresholds.

Why Use AutomateWoo?

Easy setup and administration, directly from your WordPress backend

Utilize the template created just for WooCommerce transactional emails to start sending emails right away. Create emails using the well-known WordPress editor, which has been improved by variables that let you include products and dynamic text.

Send specialized, multi-step campaigns and give clients rewards

You have total control over campaigns using AutomateWoo. Set up various emails to be sent periodically or in response to certain customer interactions, and use the personalized coupon system to provide incentives.

Follow up on opens, clicks, and conversions

With the numerous reports offered with AutomateWoo, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and enhance WooCommerce reporting. A detailed log of each email sent, and conversion noted is also available.

Intelligent session tracking and email capture before submission

With the well-known pre-submit method, AutomateWoo’s session monitoring technology may identify registered users before logging in and collecting guest emails. Additionally, you can collect visitor emails from any form on your website, including the newsletter registration form.

Sending emails indefinitely

With AutomateWoo, you should not be concerned about going over your plan since many services charge based on email volume.

Creator Friendly

AutomateWoo is completely extensible, and our documentation includes code snippets to help developers get started.

Support for WPML

Need to send emails in several languages? AutomateWoo supports the well-liked WPML plugin.

How does AutomateWoo Work?

Workflows can be made using AutomateWoo. Different combinations of Triggers, Rules, and Actions make up a Workflow.

Triggers determine the conditions under which the workflow will be executed. A trigger might be something that happens when an order is placed.

You can add more sophisticated logic to your processes using rules, allowing them to only run in specific circumstances. One rule might be to only start the procedure for orders that total more than $100.

What transpires when a workflow is initiated is specified by actions. You can choose from various customizable actions with AutomateWoo, such as sending emails, updating order statuses, or creating a custom function if you’re a developer.

Once your workflow has been developed, you can schedule it to execute at any time. Immediately or after a specific period. Or even on a specific day or hour of the week.

Integrations for AutomateWoo

Your favorite plugins and services can be integrated with AutomateWoo to give you a competitive edge in marketing.

ShopMagic Overview

ShopMagic is a WooCommerce plugin for email marketing and follow-up emails that can help you expand your business through marketing automation by boosting conversions and client retention.

Consider a SaaS-based marketing automation program like GetResponse, HubSpot, Mailchimp, or ActiveCampaign. ShopMagic was created as a useful addon for WooCommerce stores and is much simpler. It doesn’t require a long setup or registration process before you can use it.

As a WooCommerce addon, ShopMagic gives you complete ownership and control over your store’s and customers’ data.

Additionally, you can easily add to ShopMagic to make it more flexible to meet all of your needs.

ShopMagic Features

WooCommerce email marketing recipes are ready to use. You can utilize ready-made email automation templates right now.

WooCommerce reminder emails. Send automated emails to customers who purchase particular products, request reviews or recommend other products.

Create and send personalized emails for each order state using WooCommerce’s custom transactional emails (also the ones not supported by default in WooCommerce: pending payment and order canceled)

WooCommerce custom order status emails. You can quickly make emails and automation depending on custom order statuses if you add them.

Follow-up emails tailored to each product. The ability to develop unique emails for various products in content and style.

Customized welcome emails for new orders or customer accounts. Following user registration, send emails.

Emails to employees. You may send emails to any email address, making it simple to update your staff about activities at the store, or you can email yourself with crucial purchase information.

Including Mailchimp in the mix, the capability of including customers in Mailchimp lists after purchase.

Lists of customers and segmentation Create and maintain several lists, such as distinct ones for newsletters, promotions, and product announcements.

Opt-in (the client must grant permission by checking a box) or opt-out lists that comply with GDPR (automatic sign-up, and then the customer can opt-out). You can include an unsubscribe link in the emails for both types.

Advanced guest management If you permit guest orders, you can examine a complete list of customers who haven’t registered. For these visitors, all emails and activities will also function.

Email backlog The queue, designed for performance, aids in prioritizing all emails and activities taken as a result of ShopMagic triggers and guarantees that your store maintains its maximum speed even if you send a lot of emails.

Results (email history) Every email and action is recorded, allowing you to quickly determine whether everything is running smoothly or to obtain specific information if it isn’t.

Retrieve Forgotten Carts – A FREE ShopMagic addon to prevent cart abandonment and get back your lost money.

You may increase your earnings using the free ShopMagic addon WooCoommerce SMS notifications to SMS your clients.

Cross-selling and associated goods Promote your WooCommerce products selected for cross-selling or put up as related products by using automated emails.

WooCommerce email shortcodes (placeholders) support UTM – To easily track your email traffic in Google Analytics, add more parameters.

How Does ShopMagic Work?

The means of email automation. Event, Filter, and Action are the three components that make up every automation.

You choose the time the automation should execute in the event. Order status changes can occur, such as when an order is fulfilled, refunded, or even when an order remark is entered.

Then, choose a filter if desired, and your automation will only operate under specific circumstances. For instance, you may design a follow-up email for particular products. Your marketing automation will become global if a filter is not assigned.

It’s time to move. The last phase of each automation. What will transpire for the given Event and Filter, in other words? A consumer may receive a follow-up email or be added to a Mailchimp list.

ShopMagic supports a range of WooCommerce email placeholders. Using client data to tailor your emails or adding direct links can enhance conversions (e.g., pointing to an unfinished order).

Getting Started with Shop Magic

Starting with ShopMagic is a rather easy process. To get going, take the next actions:

  • The ShopMagic plugin should be installed and turned on.
  • Create your first automation, such as a welcome email after the customer’s successful transaction.
  • Write a welcome letter.
  • You’re finished! Your customer will automatically receive a unique welcome message when you receive an order.

Which is better? ShopMagic or AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo and ShopMagic are powerful plugins that will help you grow your business. They have many features, such as eCommerce analytics and customer follow-up, but one of the most useful features is abandoned cart email reminders.

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